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Valentines High School

16 to 19 Bursary Fund 

The purpose of the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund is to help students meet the costs of continuing in full-time education (such as transport, books, equipment, trips and other course-related costs).  It may also be used towards the costs of attending University interviews and Open Days. 

Types of Bursary

To be eligible to receive a Bursary, the young person must be aged over 16 and under 19 on 31st August 2020 and meet the residency requirements.

Band 1 - Vulnerable Students Grant.  Learners in receipt of Income Support (in their own name) and Looked After Children, will receive a grant of up to £1200 per year, paid by cheque, at the end of each Term.

Band 2 - Free School Meal Entitlement.  Learners in receipt of Free School Meals will receive a grant of up to £1200 per year, paid by cheque, at the end of each Term.

Band 3 - Special Consideration.  Learners whose family income is below £25,000 per year. This will provide one-off support payments to meet particular needs e.g. support for buying books and equipment, trips, fieldwork costs, attending University Open Days and interviews etc.  The level of support will be dependent upon how much money remains in the 16-19 Bursary Fund.  We will ask the Department if they have requested the purchase and we will keep receipts of externally purchased items. 

Please speak to Mr Haxell for more information.

Conditions for Receiving Bursary Awards

The application form signed by both the learner and their parent constitutes a signed contract between the school, parents and students, which states the standards expected by the provider.

All Awards will be conditional on attendance, punctuality and behaviour.  The level of the payment will be dependent on attendance and punctuality data. 

Payment of the Bursary may be suspended, if the following conditions are not met:

  • 95% minimum attendance for each Term
  • Attendance to all lessons, private study and curriculum enrichment sessions.
  • Be up to date with classwork, coursework and homework.
  • Demonstrate excellent effort and attitude to learning.
  • Punctuality – at the discretion of Mr Haxell
  • Behaviour - at the discretion of Mr Haxell
  • Any appeals are investigated by the Headteacher, Mr Laws, and his decision is final.


Hardship Fund

The school also has a small, Hardship Fund for students who do not meet the above criteria but who experience particular financial difficulties during their period of study.  This provides one-off funds, in exceptional circumstances. 

Please speak with Mr Haxell, Head of Sixth Form, to discuss any issues that you need help with.