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Valentines High School


All applications are dealt with by the Local Education Authority.

All admissions to the school are administered by the Admissions Section of the London Borough of Redbridge.

Please contact the Redbridge Admissions Department for further information.

Telephone Number:   020 8554 5000

Email: admissions@redbridge.gov.uk

Website: https://www.redbridge.gov.uk/schools/secondary-school-admissions 


The school was awarded 'outstanding' status in its OFSTED inspection - October 2021.

At Valentines High School we believe that young people are the most important part of the school, and that enabling pupils to learn is the center of all our work. We have an outstanding environment for learning. We are strong on discipline, strong on standard of achievements, and strong on providing the best for all our pupils. We have very high expectations for all our pupils, students and staff, and of our parents. Choosing a secondary school is one of the most important decisions we make as parents. 


Valentines has a set area of admission, called a ’catchment area.’ Children living in Valentines High School’s catchment area have priority for admission. Children with statements of special educational needs will be admitted to the school that is named on their statement.


The Local Authority’s determined Admission Arrangements can be seen below.