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Attendance & Absence

If you know your child is going to be absent from school due to illness, medical appointments or for any other reason, please contact the school on the first day of absence.

This can be done by calling 020 8554 3608 and choosing option "1" if your child is in year 7 to 11 or by pressing option "2" to report a sixth form absence. If the school does not receive a phone call from the parent or carer, a call will be made home from the school.

  • Written notification of the absence period and the reason for this from the parent/guardian is required on the first day of the pupil’s return.
  • Medical appointments should, where possible, be arranged outside school time. (when this cannot be avoided, a medical card must be provided as evidence).
  • Absences of 5 days or more must be supported by medical evidence or where patterns of absence are shown.

Please complete the attached form 


Being on time is vital and we expect all pupils to attend school regularly and to be punctual for the start of the school day which starts at 8:25am. If your child is late for any reason, they need to sign in at reception with a valid reason.

Absence During Term Time

Holidays should NOT be arranged in term time as this disrupts a pupil’s education. Any request for withdrawal of a pupil during term time , except for exceptional reasons, will not be granted and parents may be liable to a Fixed Penalty Notice resulting in a £120 fine per parent.

If your child is absent before or after a school holiday, we must see evidence for the absence. This may be medical evidence if your child is unwell, or evidence of flight delays or circumstances beyond your control. We cannot authorise any absences before or after a holiday without this evidence and you risk being issued with a penalty notice.

Religious Observance

At Valentines we are proud of our School ethos of "working in harmony – achieving excellence”. We are an inclusive community with a diverse population of Students of faith and no faith. All students and staff at VHS will have access to our reflection rooms. Reflection rooms provide students and staff of any religious persuasion or none, with a quiet and reflective space.

The reflection rooms are designed to be conducive to individual prayer and meditation and will contain appropriate facilities to assist the prayers of members of major religious traditions.

While the reflection rooms are for individual prayer and reflection, it is recognised that for Muslim prayer there is an additional blessing when the faithful pray with others. While this is fully respected, it is expected that reflection rooms will be shared openly with those of other religious traditions who may wish to pray at the same time and those who may just wish to think and reflect.

Arrangements have been made to allow for religious observance where and when this is possible, without detriment to our educational offer.  As such, prayer rooms will be accessible between 1.10pm -1.50pm. 

On a Friday a member of staff will be available to lead group prayer for members of our Muslim community.

Find a Reflection room

A reflection room can be found within the Sixth Form block and on a Friday.  The Drama Studio will also be available for group prayer.

Reflection Room Code of Conduct

  1. The reflection room is available to all VHS staff, students and visitors who would like space for prayers or quiet contemplation. 
  1. The room is available for all faith groups to access.
  1. Please do not put any posters/frames/drawings/notices without permission up in the room, as these will be removed.
  1. Please be sensitive to others accessing the facilities at all times; the facility is for everyone to share. You are expected to respect fellow users accessing the facility.
  1. No food or drink allowed.
  1. Please remove your shoes and leave them by the door.
  1. Anyone found to be disseminating or distributing offensive material within the prayer room, against religious and non-religious groups, will be reported.
  1. Please keep all your personal possessions with you at all times and remember to take them with you when you leave.
  1. Please at all times keep noise levels down to the minimal. This room should not be used for group gathering or group talks.
  1. Please leave the room as you found it and make sure that the room is clean and tidy when you leave.  Prayer mats should be folded away when not in use

 Attendance Monitoring

attendance flow chart.pdf