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Valentines High School

Computer Science

Curriculum Intent ICT & Computer Science

Our intent is to promote computational thinking and digital creativity in an ever-changing job market where these skills such as the use and build of technology and to anticipate and diagnose problems are becoming more essential.  We want our students to develop the foundations to enable them to be well-rounded global citizens, life-long learners in this fast moving landscape. We are dedicated to provide all students from all backgrounds with ample opportunities for a wider experience which is enhanced beyond the curriculum such as essential trips and workshops.  All our pathways offered at all key stages are meticulously planned to encourage safety whilst using computers, social and cultural capital experiences that will help build the next generation of computer scientists.  We endeavor that after studying computer science at key stage 4 and 5 you will be fully versed in programming, logically thinking and problem solving which are all essential skills and can be utilised across many fields.  

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