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Curriculum Intent for English

Our English curriculum equips our students with the skills they need to communicate proficiently, analyse skillfully and write with creative flair. During their time at Valentines, students are prepared for life beyond the classroom, ready to contribute to society as independent, empathetic and open-minded citizens. We expose our students to a range of voices from different time periods and cultures, allowing them to acquire the knowledge they need to succeed academically. Our broad and enriching curriculum means students are challenged and inspired as soon as they start in Year 7 with many of them pursuing further study in the subject, at A-Level and beyond.  

 Our text and unit choices foster students’ curiosity and love of learning allowing them to see themselves in the world around them and to celebrate the diverse community they are a part of. As passionate readers, we strive to impart that same passion to our students as reading forms the basis for our development, relationships and our understanding of the world around us. The literature we choose- both fiction and non-fiction- prompt our students to think deeply about morality, society, humanity and philosophy and to develop their critical thinking skills so they can better navigate the world beyond school. We aim to develop students’ ability to speak with clarity and purpose, as well as encouraging discussion and debate, giving them the tools they need to articulate themselves with confidence. Through the study of English Language and Literature, our students become well-rounded, global citizens who leave us with meaningful qualifications that lead them to success both academically and socially. 

Learning Journeys 


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Department Intents

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