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Extra-Curricular Activities

At Valentines High School, the Out of Hours Learning programme enhances and enriches the school curriculum by providing pupils with a varied menu of activities that take place in addition to the normal curriculum.

At Valentines High School our curriculum intent is to develop ‘well-rounded global citizens who are open-minded and happy, with meaningful qualifications that will maximise opportunities once they leave school’. We truly believe this doesn’t just happen through high quality teaching and learning, but in conjunction with wide ranging opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

We are committed to ensuring we do everything we can to develop students who are not just academically successful, but are also well-rounded individuals with character traits such as self-esteem, high motivation and confidence, that will enable them to be successful in their futures. Therefore, to achieve this, we make a commitment to ensuring our students are exposed to a wide range of experiences and opportunities from regular trips to a diverse range of clubs, guest speakers, workshops and programmes.

Our expectation is that all students attend at least two clubs a week, and with over 75 on offer- this shouldn’t be too difficult! Our extra-curricular club offer ranges from sport clubs to wellbeing, creativity, skills based, science, history, cooking, sign language and all clubs are free for students to attend.

Furthermore, we run the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, starting with Bronze in Year 9 and 10. As part of the award, students are required to complete volunteering, physical and skills sections, as well as the expedition.


summer 24 clubs timetable.pdf


pe extra curricular timetable apr may 2024.pdf