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Valentines High School

Extra-Curricular Activities

At Valentines High School, the Out of Hours Learning programme enhances and enriches the school curriculum by providing pupils with a varied menu of activities that take place in addition to the normal curriculum.


Due to Covid-19, all extra-curricular activities have been suspended until further notice. 

The school recognises the importance of an extended school day that provides all pupils with the opportunity to develop their skills and enrich their learning experience.  Its aim is to build self-esteem, improve motivation and raise achievement and learning potential.  Study support is considered a valuable part of school life at Valentines.  Attendance to one activity each week is compulsory for all year 7 students.

Character Development – The Valentines Student  Our school’s responsibilities in relation to character development:

  • Encouraging children to understand, value and demonstrate the positive behaviour traits which would make them well-rounded, grounded citizens. Traits such as, resilience, aspirations, confidence, creativity, emotional intelligence and the ability to reflect.
  • Developing the skills required to function in and contribute to society
  • Supporting the social and emotional development or emotional intelligence of young people, such that students better understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and can work on the latter.
  • Instilling and developing a moral compass about how to interact with people and understand their behaviour.