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Curriculum Intent for History

The History department follows a curriculum with the overall intent of providing a broad and balanced view of British, European and World History. The Department has resourced and planned a wide range of historical topics across a time period spanning Ancient Egypt to World War 2. The majority of topics within our curriculum focuses on British History since the Norman Invasion of 1066.

 The curriculum within History is centred on ensuring that students are prepared for their next educational step both within their history education, the wider educational context and employment. It is intended to ensure that students have a good understanding of how history has shaped the current local and global context. To that end, we strive to ensure that we engage in a variety of issues such as the Holocaust and the Arab-Israeli Conflict and how persecution of different groups has been evident throughout all of the periods studied. We also endeavour to develop cross-curricular skills in terms of knowledge and understanding, analysis, comparison and evaluation throughout the topics that are studied. As well as this, each topic within the Key Stage 3 curriculum focuses on the following second order historical concepts:

 Change and Continuity

  • Causation
  • Significance
  • Consequence
  • Similarity and Difference

These concepts are developed in order to ensure that students can understand trends, draw contrasts, frame historically valid questions and create their own structured accounts. These concepts are introduced in Year in the ‘What is History?’ topic and developed throughout Key Stage 3 to ensure that students have been exposed to the skills and concepts required for them to succeed at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

Our intention is for the curriculum that has been designed is to ensure that a combination of a knowledge and understanding of world history is combined with academic historical thinking in order to allow our students to have a thirst for learning of history.

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