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Curriculum Intent for the Maths Department 

VHS Maths department aims to produce strong mathematical communicators who are problem solvers that can form a mathematical argument supported by reasoning, which we develop through the collaborative work that takes place in class.

We are inclusive and challenge our students at all levels with a clear focus of giving them a deeper understanding of maths, centred on the explanations of why they do something.

This is promoted through our questioning and always asking the students “why”. Our aim is to make maths enjoyable and accessible to all students whatever their needs. A VHS Maths student will appreciate the application of mathematics in the real world through the exposure they are given on a regular basis to problem solving in the real world.

On a deeper real world application level, our students will demonstrate great independence and resilience skills, developed through regular EBIs (Even better If) work and use of mirror questions. Our curriculum is sequenced such that students’ knowledge and skills are developed at each level through consolidation and building both on what they know whilst introducing synoptic links.

The students we produce are high calibre mathematicians, problem solvers and highly numerate young adults, who will be able to apply all the numerical and transferable skills that they have learnt through maths at VHS to the next stage of their life post 16.

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