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Curriculum Intent for the Music Department 

The Music Curriculum for Key Stage 3 has been designed using the National Curriculum for Music as well as keeping in mind the GCSE Music specification for Eduqas.

The intent of the Music curriculum is to create well-rounded musicians who will either progress to KS4 and/ or have a lifelong appreciation and understanding of Music, using skills and knowledge to be able to pursue music for enjoyment into adulthood. This in itself is focused upon from year 7, where students spend their first half term singing; something which everyone can do. The curriculum is then sequenced to enable the development of GCSE skills from year 7 right through to year 11.

The intent is also to create culturally aware young musicians who can have an appreciation and understand of other cultures through their music. This begins in year 7 with the study of Samba music and Chinese music, into year 8 with the Blues and African Drumming, and finally year 9 with Indonesian Gamelan. At GCSE, this continues with the study of fusion styles, born out of two or more cultures coming together.

The final intention of the music curriculum is to aid the development of students’ individual character. Creativity is at the core of Music as a subject and students are encouraged to be creative every lesson. Confidence and resilience are also a central part of music, as practising and performing music requires these two character traits in abundance! Students also develop reflectiveness and emotional intelligence when giving and receiving feedback on their practical work.

The provision of Music in and out of lessons aims to ensure that students of all backgrounds, abilities and cultures have access to stimulating musical experiences and opportunities to participate. The subject is a key part of developing all students’ cultural capital.

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