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Valentines High School

Physical Education

Curriculum Intent for PE Department

The PE Department at Valentines High School is dedicated to delivering a curriculum accessible to all, which provides the widest possible range of opportunities for students. The department has established a curriculum which will allow students to become self motivated, confident and creative learners, who can work independently and as part of a team. Students develop physical competence and improve fitness levels through high quality, highly active lessons which challenge a student's capabilities.

Students will develop confidence, resilience  as well as communication and leadership skills throughout their time in PE.

PE Intent

  • The intent of our curriculum at Key Stage 3 is to provide a broad range of activities that develop physical literacy and contribute to a student's physically active lifestyle
  • Students are taught fundamental skills of activities and develop their understanding of the different sports in which they participate to enable them participate in sports beyond their time in school
  • A broad range of extra – curricular activities allows for further development of these skills and knowledge and allows students to develop resilience through competitive challenge. 
  • In Key Stage  4. the intent of the curriculum is to refine skills and deepen knowledge in a narrower curriculum  in which pupils can make informed choices about the activities they choose.
  • In qualification courses, the intent of the curriculum is to develop knowledge of the factors that can affect the performance of an individual in sport whilst further refining their own performance in sport.
  • The overarching aim of the PE curriculum is for students to recognise sport and physical activity as a part of a balanced healthy lifestyle and to become lifelong participants.