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Marketing activities


We sometimes use personal information for marketing purposes, for example school prospectuses, newsletters (which include advertisements for events and products external to the school) and marketing emails to let you know what is available within the school and the wider community. Direct marketing only applies when communications are targeted to named individuals.

 The personal information likely to be used for these activities is:

  • Names
  • Contact Details
  • School Year/Class
  • Digital Images


Where the activity is not directly linked to the school’s provision of education we will be relying on your consent. We will seek the consent of the parent/carer, or where pupils are aged twelve or above, from the pupil themselves where marketing is directed at them. As we are relying on your consent you can withdraw consent at any time by contacting the school.


Every effort will be made to delete the information when consent is withdrawn, but please note that where consent has been provided for publication, the school may not be able to locate and delete the information on request, although reasonable steps will be taken to do so.


Where consent has been provided for the use of personal information, and the pupil has left the school, we will rely on legitimate interests as our legal basis when retaining digital information for archiving purposes. If you would like a copy of the Legitimate Interest Assessment we have completed for this activity, please contact the school office.


The school is the Data Controller for this information. The information might be shared with:

  • Social Media applications
  • Communications providers (for example ParentMail)
  • School website providers
  • Prospective parents (in the case of the prospectus)


No personal information is routinely available outside of the UK. However, where information is used on social media, in publications, or on our website we cannot restrict the access to such information to the UK.


The personal information will be retained for the duration of its purpose plus one year unless it is retained in perpetuity for archiving purposes.


You have the right to object to receiving marketing information from us. You should let us know if this is the case. For information about other data protection rights in relation to this use of your personal information please see section 5 of our overarching privacy notice.