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Valentines High School

School Uniform

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General Items

uniform reminders.pdf

Outdoor coats for both boys and girls should not have any logos or be denim, suede or leather.  They should be of plain, dark colour and should not have hoods.

Standard Uniform

  • Navy Blue Blazer with school badge. 
  • White shirt and school tie in House colours with shirt tucked in and all buttons done up. 
  • Plain dark grey or black trousers
  • Plain navy blue skirt (knee length/on or just below the knee, no split skirts).
  • Plain black or grey socks.   
  • Navy blue, black or white ankle socks, or navy blue or black knee-length socks or
  • Plain navy blue, black or natural coloured tights (patterned tights are not allowed).
  • Black shoes with dark soles and black laces.


Plain navy blue trousers, classic cut. Navy blue or black ankle or knee-length socks.

  • Black shoes (low heel) with dark soles and black laces.
  • One Craft Apron for D&T.


  • Plain navy blue V-necked pullover.  No cardigans or round neck jumpers are allowed.
  • Tights and socks do not have to be worn in summer.
  • Where religious headwear is worn this should be plain black or dark blue and should not obscure school uniform or the face. If headband is worn, it should be plain navy blue or black.   


Plain navy blue V-necked pullover.  No cardigans or round neck jumpers are allowed.

Where religious headwear is worn this should be of a plain navy blue or black.

Physical Education Kit

Plain white polo shirt (with school badge and initials printed on the front),

plain black shorts*,

white socks, clean indoor trainers, towel.

Black drill top (with initials printed on the front), white football socks, black shorts, black jogging bottoms, astro turf trainers, shin pads, towel.

*(For religious reasons, students may wear plain black jogging bottoms.  Parents must write to the Head of PE to request this.)

pe uniform gbe.pdf


  • Pupils wearing clothing which is not school uniform (in the absence of a note of explanation from a parent/guardian) will be asked to remove it.  A parent will be asked to bring in appropriate clothing or a pupil may be sent home to change.
  • No jewellery or make-up of any kind to be worn in school.
  • Body piercing in any visible area other than ears, and noses (one stud only), is banned in school.
  • Earrings are banned for both boys and girls. Small, plain unpatterned studs may be worn, one in each ear.
  • Pupils should not have patterns or shapes cut into their hair or into their eyebrows, nor should they have dyed bright hair colouring. Tattoos should not be worn.  If a pupil has a tattoo it must be covered in school time.