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Curriculum Intent Statement for Science: Biology, Chemistry & Physics

  •  Students will build, remember and connect a rich body of scientific knowledge and ideas
  •  Students will be able to explain the material world through developing key knowledge and skills in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  •  Students will be able to work scientifically, problem solve and think logically. Practicals will be used to focus students on the content we want them to learn and remember

The Science department at VHS firmly believes that learning Science at GCSE is fundamental

in strengthening a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing into adulthood. Not only this,

we know that GCSE science is needed, more now than ever, in order to educate our next

generation in a step towards addressing the many problems that we face as a global society.

To put it simply, someone who leaves school with a good understating of science will be

able to look after themselves, their families and the planet.

 With topics ranging from personal health and hygiene through to climate change, food

security and gene technology, GCSE Science is about more than the qualification. It is about

developing young citizens, preparing them for their future as an active, useful member of


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