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Valentines High School

 School Library

"The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library" - Albert Einstein

Welcome to Valentines High School Library

We Aim to:

  • Support students in becoming independent thinkers and learners
  • Encourage students to read for pleasure and become lifelong readers
  • Support teaching and learning through the provision of good, up to date resources
  • Provide a resource proven to have a positive impact on wellbeing

The library plays a very important part in the educational life of the school as one of its learning hubs. While teachers convey face-to-face group-learning in their classrooms, we in the library back this up by providing a    space for independent learning. Pupils can come in and prepare for future classes, do homework, work on   projects, revise for examinations or simply read one of our many books and magazines.

Study is pursued not only through the medium of the printed word, but also digitally, by means of computers and Ipads. The library runs Accelerated Reader, by which pupils take star reading tests. They are then able to borrow books of their reading level, and take book quizzes. We also encourage pupils to read for pleasure and learn through fun – that is, through lunchtime clubs, i.e. Origami, Manga, Calligraphy and Book Club.

We pride ourselves in the library that we provide a quiet, safe environment for the pupils, so that many regard it as a haven from the hustle and bustle of school life. In order to achieve that, we do not allow chatting, eating food or any misbehaving in the library.

Our library is one of the best-stocked school libraries in the borough.  We have books that relate very closely to what the pupils study in class, but we also have more general educational books that seek to stretch their knowledge-horizons. We have a good reference section and, because the school has a number of pupils for whom English is a second-language, we also have an impressive range of bilingual dictionaries and story books.

Good students are good readers, and we try to encourage them to become bookworms by keeping up with the latest trends in teen fiction and by entering them into reading competitions like the Redbridge Schools’ Book Quiz. 



Library Staff

School Librarian: Min Fulton

Tel: 020 8554 3608 Ext. 528 

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Amaan Zahra from Upper 3 wrote:

"In my opinion, the school library is a place that is entirely different from any other room. Just as the children stepped into a wardrobe and stepped out into the magical world of Narnia, the library is a wondrous place full of books, articles, factual documents and origami that, altogether, have created some of the best memories of Year 7 for me... Yup, it looks like school is an amazing place to be, but the library.....is a whole lot more than that."