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Information for Parents



Valentines High School Welcomes Parents and Carers

At Valentines we value a strong and supportive relationship with parents and carers. We believe that only by acting together can we ensure the best possible education for each individual student. We provide a number of opportunities through the school year where you can come into school to discuss your child’s progress. We also encourage you to get involved in school life by attending school productions, concerts and our very popular presentation evenings. You will receive information about all these events through the school calendar, our website and regular written communications.  Please ensure where possible that the school has a valid email address so that we can also send information directly.  If you require a translator at any time, please inform your child’s Head of House.

Finally, please feel free to contact the school at any time if you have a concern, or just want some information. Your usual first point of contact is your child’s Form Tutor. If the concern is not resolved ask to speak to your child’s Head of House. Valentines is a school which constantly tries to live up to its motto ’In harmony, achieving excellence’.  Please refer to our Parent Code of Conduct which clearly outline how we can work together effectively and support each other with ensuring the education of your child remains our number one priority.

Data Protection Act

Parents, carers and students are invited to view the attached document relating to the information on students held by the school. Privacy Notice For any further information on our school policies, click here  Please use the login details issued by the school to access the Parent section of Firefly. Click here to login Firefly  The Parent Area on Firelfy will allow you to:

  • View your child's academic progress, attendance record and homework.
  • Check that details relating to your child are accurate.
  • Be aware of important dates and events in the school year.

Please take full advantage of this excellent facility.  If you face any difficulties accessing Firefly, please feel free to contact the school. 

Absence During Term Time

If your child is absent before or after a school holiday, we must see evidence for the absence. This may be medical evidence if your child is unwell, or evidence of flight delays or circumstances beyond your control. We cannot authorise any absences before or after a holiday without this evidence and you risk being issued with a penalty notice.

Religious Observance

At Valentines we are proud of our School ethos of "working in harmony – achieving excellence”. We are an inclusive community with a diverse population of Students of faith and no faith.

We are currently reviewing arrangements for prayer at the School and are engaging with  our Stakeholders (including Imams and Redbridge Community Engagement).

Once this process has taken place, we will look to ensure opportunities for prayer and reflection are provided to all members of the School Community.

Valentines High School continues to serve the local community by ensuring high achievement for all, in a respectful environment where everyone strives to be the best they can be.