LGBT Diversity Week

During the week of July 2nd - 6th, Valentines pupils took part in celebrating LGBT week. As it's now our 3rd year running this important event, we’ve expanded on what we do to celebrate this week of diversity and acceptance. The pupils did a fantastic job in helping to spread the message that everyone is accepted at Valentines, no matter what their differences are.

Some highlights of the week were the sale of rainbow badges, ribbons, key chains, and bracelets to visibly show our support for the LGBT community.  Discussions and debates took place surrounding LGBT issues in modern British society, including the world of sport.  There were various competitions such as decorate your form room door competition with many poignant messages.  Let’s not forget our rainbow cake sale and sports events such as rainbow laces football and our first ever teacher/pupil fun run. Staff have also been wearing rainbow lanyards to show their support for the LGBT community.

Valentines is truly an inclusive and proud community and we celebrate the differences that make us all so special and unique.